Whale Shark Sightings

Shark Tagging

Whale sharks are the planet’s largest fish, measuring up to 14 meters.  If you’ve ever had the fortune to see one while diving, you know that is what this sport is all about.  Whale sharks migrate through Costa Rican waters; however, as of yet there has never existed a single program dedicated to their research and protection.

SharksWE NEED YOUR HELP to create a data base of whale shark sightings and identifications in Costa Rica for their study and protection.  Click here for our Whale Shark Sightings Report 2007.

This is what we need:

  • Pictures of the spots above the left fin, for photo ID
  • Time, date, and depth of the sighting
  • Pictures of the entire animal
  • Location (GPS) and temperature

If it’s not possible to get all of this information we at least need the general location, time, and date.

Speak with your local Dive Master to collaborate, or call 2236-0884 ; 2241-5227 for more information.

Thank you!


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