Migration of Sharks

Shark MigrationKnowledge on shark migrations in the Eastern Tropical Pacific will be paramount to determine management strategies for the future. PRETOMA has teamed up with the Shark Research Institute and the Southwest Fisheries Science Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to study shark migrations in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Preliminary results of both projects were presented during a Shark Symposium held in Costa Rica in February 2006, in the framework of the National Plan of Action Sharks.

Randall Arauz & Alex Antoniou 2006 . Preliminary Results: Movements of scalloped hammerhead sharks ( Sphyrna lewini ) tagged in Cocos Island National Park , Costa Rica , 2005.

Suzann Kohin, Randall Arauz, David Holtz, and Russ Vetter. 2006. Preliminary Results: Behavior and habitat preference of silky sharks ( Carcharhinus falciformis ) and big eye threser sharks ( Alopias superciliosus ) tagged in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

Currently, PRETOMA is working with Conservation International and shark researchers of the Malpelo Island Foundation to further study shark migrations in the Eastern Tropical Pacific region.

Klimley, P., Arauz, R., Bessudo, S., Hearn, H., Guzman, H., Henderson, S., Ketchum, J., Shillinger, G., and Soler, G.  2007.  Movements of sharks at seamounts and island, biotic “hot spots”, relative to marine protected areas in the eastern Pacific Ocean Corridor.  AAAS, Boston.

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