International Policy

Due to the highly migratory nature of sharks, management and conservation policies must be designed in a domestic, regional, and global context.  In this regard, PRETOMA works closely with the government of Costa Rica, for the nation to lead processes in regional and international fisheries forums to globalize shark conservation and management policies.

Last November 2007, as a result of a formal proposal by Costa Rica, the United Nations General Assembly recommended all members nations, as well as regional fisheries management organizations, to adopt legislation to avoid shark finning, including the mandate to land sharks only if the fins are attached naturally to the body (Paragraph 12, UN Fisheries Resolution)

Currently, Costa Rica is a member of a 5 country team of the Convention of Migratory Species, to elaborate a draft instrument to promote cooperation among governments to adopt efficient shark conservation measures.

In October of 2008, the IV World Conservation Congress IUCN will be held in Barcelona, Spain.  As an active member of the IUCNs Central American membership, PRETOMA will submit a motion for the IUCN to recommend its members to adopt the mandatory landing of sharks with fins attached naturally.  Furthermore, PRETOMA will host several shark conservation events.

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