AdvocacyTo attain change in a national, regional, and global context, it is necessary to create awareness of the situation among all sectors of the civil society, from fishermen to politicians, from housewives to intellectuals.  The solid support of the civil society is necessary to counter the opposition of the economic forces that seek to endure the status quo.

RETOMA started the successful “No Shark Finning” campaign in 2001.  Currently, PRETOMA is in the middle of a campaign to stop foreign vessels with flags of convenience from illegally landing their shark products in the country’s private docks.  PRETOMA is also celebrating events called “Shark Day” at different coastal communities, transferring the most recent shark information to the fishermen, and calling on their support for shark management.  At the international policy front, PRETOMA is working with the Costa Rican government to promote a global mandate to land sharks with fins attached, known as the “Costa Rican Policy”.

Lately, the work of PRETOMA has been featured in international documentaries, such as SharkWater, Crime Scene Wild on Animal Planet, and Costa Rica’s Channel 7 feature program the Island of Treasures.  Contact us if you would like a copy of any of these videos.

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