Shark Conservation Program

Shark finning, the practice of cutting the shark’s fins and discarding the body at sea, is widely practiced worldwide, and is considered inhumane and wasteful.  Click here to watch the shark finning video.  The sharks fins are used to elaborate soup in Asia, a millenary tradition.  Shark finning causes the death of over 200.000.000 sharks per year, and is responsible for the global 90% decline of shark populations during the last 50 years.

Costa Rica is a major player in global shark fisheries.  To date, PRETOMA has reformed shark fisheries policy through a series of actions, ranging from research and advocacy, to strategic litigation.  Check out our planned Shark Activities, from June 2008 to May of 2009, as we expand our work with local fishermen to foster responsible fisheries and support the creation of networks of Marine Protected Areas.

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