Dead Hammerhead

Shark and sea turtle themes deserve acknowledgment in the Resources Harvest Category

Two photographs submitted by Pretoma were elected as finalists in the international photography competition OCEANS 2013, organized by Photo Shoot Awards.

Both photographs competed in the Resources Harvest Category, and they show the impact that some fishing practices and activities have on marine biodiversity. The first one shows a hammerhead shark on the deck of a fishing vessel with its fins severed. This species is of particular interest to the international traffic of shark fins. The second one shows a dead Pacific green turtle lying on the deck of a shrimp trawler, killed by forced immersion. Shrimp trawling is the main global cause of adult sea turtle mortality. Both species are listed as Endangered by the IUCN, and they’re protected by international conventions such as CITES.

PhotoShoot Awards is a series of online competitions covering different themes, with the participation of recognized photographers from around the world.  The competition intends to generate emotions to the public through photographs that portray both the majesty of the ocean in contrast to images that show the terrible destruction suffered.

Tortuga Capturada

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