What’s at Stake…

Granjas Atuneras Golfito’s tuna farm project is awaiting final approval from Costa Rica’s Environmental Ministry.

The project would offer little if any economic feedback for the rural communities that surround the Golfo Dulce.  What’s more, the project threatens to disrupt the gulf’s delicate ecosystem, a natural resource that supports local fisheries, sustainable tourism opportunities, and one of the planet’s most famous surf breaks at Pavones.

Survey results of the local population show an overwhelming anti-tuna farm sentiment; however, with few expendable resources to allocate to derailing the project, more powerful political and economical intentions are driving the proposal closer to implementation.

What we need to do to stop this!

Raise public support against the tuna farm project by:

a)    Placing several full page advertisements in La Nación, Costa Rica’s largest and most prestigious newspaper, as well as in other influential newspapers (La Extra, Al Día), calling for the public to show their support by signing and faxing the advertisement to Costa Rica’s president, Oscar Arias
b)    Producing a 50 second TV Public Service Announcement to be broadcast on Costa Rica’s main TV channels
c)    Printing flyers, brochures and t-shirts
d)   Supporting the  Pavones “No Tuna Farms Association” (ANAGA) in its initiative to educate the public and organize a referendum vote
e)    Organizing a formal coalition against the tuna farms

Confront political interests:

a)    Lobby the new government’s political Ministers and Deputies
b)    Hold events against the tuna farms (debates in colleges, schools, newspapers and other media)
c)    Hold a referendum in August, 2010

How you can help.

Option 1–

Pretoma is accepting donations through it’s online “click-and-pledge” secure donation software, accessable from the website’s main page.

Option 2–

A bank account in dollars at Costa Rica’s Banco Nacional has been opened solely for those wishing to donate to the tuna farm campaign: Account number 100-02-148-600286-2 under the name, Asoc. Programa Restauración de Tortugas Marinas

Pretoma is a Costa Rican NGO with tax exempt status for national corporations.  We also have tax exempt status in the United States.

Please, contact us at or for information if you are interested in doing an international bank wire, or are planning on filing this as a tax exempt donation in the United States.

You can also write a check made out to “Pretoma”, and mail it to:

Tibás, San José
Costa Rica

PS: Don’t forget to include a note “earmarking” the donation for the Tuna Farm Campaign

For More Information:

Contact Andy Bystrom at or telephone: 2241-5227

Visit: The Costa Rican Conservation Network’s Blog

Tuna farm case history:

Please click on the links below for access to various  tuna farm legal case documents:

  • On May 9, 2007, Costa Rica’s Constitutional Court “suspended the execution” of Granjas Atuneras de Golfito S. A’s. tuna farm project
  • Setena’s February 16, 2009 rejection of Pretoma’s appeal and continued approval of the project (Resolution 377-2009)

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