Vote to Award the Caletas Wetland an International Grey Globe

Caletas Beach Wetland Under Threat - Vote Grey Globe

The World Wetland Network created the International Wetland Globe Awards to recognize best practices and wetland restoration, and highlights those in danger. Check out a poster of the Weltlands Globes Award

The awards are divied into three categories. The Blue Globe celebrates wetlands that are being well-managed for species and habitat, that have a healthy engagement of the local population and that provide goods and benefits. The Green Globe acknowledges efforts to restore wetlands that improve conditions for people and wildlife. The Grey Globe is for wetlands that are rapidly degrading due to increasing pressures from human activity, and will act to draw attention and prompt action to reverse the situation.

Due to the national and international importance of the Caletas Wetland , PRETOMA has nominated it for the Grey Globe Award of the Neotropical region. PRETOMA consider that the Caletas Wetland deserves the Grey Globe, because during the last 5 years it has chronically suffered from human actions that have seriously deteriorated its fragile ecological integrity, such as the construction of drainages, landfills for roads, cutting of vegetation, controlled fires, rice farming, and spraying with chemicals, all of which have been denounced at different judicial and administrative Courts. Click here for background information.

Register your NGO, look for the Caletas Wetland in the North Pacific region of Costa Rica, and VOTE for the 4 specific criteria the Grey Globe offers. The three awards will be delivered for each continent at the Convention on Biological Diversity Conference in October 2010, and then at the Ramsar Conference in 2012.  The deadline for this round is the 30th September 2010.

Winners will be elected by the NGOs of the world that register in the program. Thus, urge all our NGO friends out there to help us save the Caletas Wetland, and VOTE RIGHT NOW.

LINKS to Youtube videos:

July 31, 2010

September 5, 2009

If you don’t belong to an NGO but you want to help us stop this destruction?

Fill out this form to automatically send a letter to the Minister of the Environment, Teófilo de la Torre, and to Hotel Casa Caletas.

If you would like to help even more, you can print the letter and send it by FAX to MINAET at (506) 2257-0697 and to Hotel Casa Caletas at (506) 2655-1270, as this has more impact. Please remember to copy Pretoma at (506) 2236-6017.

Sr. Teófilo de la Torre

Minister of Environment, Energy, and Telecommunications

I would like to express to you my deep concern regarding the actions of the farming company Agropecuaria Caletas S.A., that are destroying the ecological integrity of the Caletas Arío National Wildlife Refuge and the important wetland that lies contiguous to it. I urge you to intervene so that:

  • Agropecuaria Caletas S.A. pays the 15 million colones for environmental damages it has caused
  • Damages to the wetland are repaired immediately
  • The Refuge’s 50 meter Public Zone is immediately defined

In the meantime I will make it a point to inform all of my contacts that Agropecuario Caletas’ owner, Sylvester Fiechtinger, is also the owner of Hotel Casa Caletas and to not support this type of business.

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