Dear Friends,

Give a a special gift this Christmas.  Adopt a sea turtle, and give it to one of your loved ones.  With this magnificent gift you will also help the conservation of these wonderful animals, through Pretoma.

All adoptions include two pictures, a sea turtle hand-made necklace and a certificate with the information of the adopted sea turtle.

For a reasonable amount, you can help sponsor our sea turtle monitoring and migration research, essential to establish efficient conservation measures.

For only US$50 you can adopt a sea turtle we tagged with external metal tags on its fore flippers whilst monitoring nesting activity in any of the 5 beaches that Pretoma protects with local community members (Corozalito, Bejuco, San Miguel, Costa de Oro and Caletas).

If you want to help more…

For US$500 you can adopt a sea turtle tagged with an acoustic transmitter during our in-water monitoring projects, either in Cocos Island National Park or Punta Coyote, in Guanacaste.

For US$ 2500 you can adopt a sea turtle tagged with satellite transmitter, and follow its real-time movements online.

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